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New Testimonial from UT Student in Support of Fundraiser for Grants to Support Women and Diverse Filmmakers

Marian Gonzalez working on a film set.

Mariana Gonzalez working on a film set.

Mariana Gonzalez, a current RTF student at UT, on why she supports the initiative to raise funds for women and diverse filmmakers: “As a woman aspiring to work in the film industry it has become routine to find a lack of women in upper level courses and out in the field. Currently in my advanced production class I am 1 out of 3 women in a class of over 20 students. I think this is a great initiative because I believe it will encourage women studying film to take the upper-division courses and share their voices, including myself. We need more young women in these courses and more collaborations with women- there is no reason for crews and productions to be male dominated and they don’t have to be.”

Donate here.

If you donate $250, you can name one of the grants one semester after yourself, a family member, an organization or a business. See the donation page for more details how we will honor you or one of your family members.

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