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No One Can Say There is No There There in Fredericksburg

Texas Monthly magazine says the Hill Country Film Festival is a must-attend event and mentions “The There” in the article.

Six Must-Attend Events: April 24-May 1:

Eyes of Texas

Because drought has adversely affected every Texan in some way, they can certainly understand the motivation of the valiant airplane pilot in Austin filmmaker Lucas Martell’s short movie The Oceanmaker , who battles sky pirates for control of the clouds—the last remaining water source in a future world. See the story play out on the big screen at the Hill Country Film Festival, where Martell will join fellow Austin makers of short films including Lauren Pruitt ( Highsmith, about a lonely writer who invites a stranger into her home) and Scott Cobb ( The There , about two women who reunite in Austin after living as expatriates in their twenties). The six-year-old movie gathering embraces its Texas-ness: 38 percent of the more than ninety largely short films were in part made in the state.
April 30-May 3, hillcountryff.com

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