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Accepted into UT3D Program

I got accepted into the new UT3D program. Can’t wait to learn 3D production techniques.

Hi All–

This is to inform you of your acceptance into the UT3D Lab Program. Congratulations!

Welcome to the program. With your help we’re going to build something special. I’ll be in touch sometime this summer, hopefully by late May or early June, so that we can all get together socially, just to meet and start thinking about the fall. More on that later.

Don Howard

Associate Professor and Production Area Head
Department of Radio/Television/Film
University of Texas at Austin

Beginning in the fall of 2013, selected UT Radio-Television-Film students will have access to the nation’s first comprehensive 3-D production program—UT3D.

Funded by the Moody Foundation, the UT3D Lab is a coordinated curriculum of instruction and practice in 3D production techniques, designed to complement RTF students’ other production course-work. Students will produce a range of 3-D content — including plays, sports, documentaries and narrative pieces — and explore recent 3-D innovations, such as “glasses-free” 3-D for television, tablets, cellphones and small display devices. Students who complete the required courses and an associated internship will earn a program certificate.

A noted Hollywood stereographer and cinematographer will provide primary instruction, supported by a staff of RTF lecturers and administrators and led by the program director, Associate Professor Don Howard. The program’s industry partner, SD Entertainment of Los Angeles, along with a wide variety of invited guest lecturers and internship partners, will provide additional instruction and support.

UT3D is expected to be highly selective; RTF students may apply before registration each semester.

UT 3D Program – The First in the U.S. from UT College of Communication on Vimeo.

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