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Please Contribute to the Indiegogo Campaign for the Short Film “Overwood”

Your support of our film on Indiegogo will help everyone involved, including the cast and crew, continue to develop as filmmakers.

Overwood is a short film about a woman who returns to her childhood home for the first time after ten years abroad to find it sitting empty with the furniture covered in sheets. Her two sisters discover her in the house and confront her about her long absence from their lives.

Overwood is the name of the house that the sisters gave their home as children after watching the 1939 film Wuthering Heights because they liked the idea of homes having names.

The idea for the film is inspired by the Brontë sisters, although we are not using any of their life stories, just taking the inspiration of three creative sisters who grew up together. Anton Chekhov is also thought to have perhaps taken inspiration from the Brontë sisters for his play Three Sisters.

A filmmaker who inspires us is Margarethe von Trotta, who directed a trilogy of films about sisters, including Marianne and Juliane, one of our favorite films about sisters.

The Cast

We have cast an extraordinarily talented trio of actors in Overwood. Angelina Castillo will play the youngest sister; Morgan Floyd will play the middle sister; Ali Meier will play the big sister.
Below are some stills taken from the test footage that we shot on 16mm film
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