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No One Can Say There is No There There in Fredericksburg

Texas Monthly magazine says the Hill Country Film Festival is a must-attend event and mentions “The There” in the article.

Six Must-Attend Events: April 24-May 1:

Eyes of Texas

Because drought has adversely affected every Texan in some way, they can certainly understand the motivation of the valiant airplane pilot in Austin filmmaker Lucas Martell’s short movie The Oceanmaker , who battles sky pirates for control of the clouds—the last remaining water source in a future world. See the story play out on the big screen at the Hill Country Film Festival, where Martell will join fellow Austin makers of short films including Lauren Pruitt ( Highsmith, about a lonely writer who invites a stranger into her home) and Scott Cobb ( The There , about two women who reunite in Austin after living as expatriates in their twenties). The six-year-old movie gathering embraces its Texas-ness: 38 percent of the more than ninety largely short films were in part made in the state.
April 30-May 3, hillcountryff.com

Austin Chronicle Mentions “The There” Screening at Hill Country Film Festival

This article in the Austin Chronicle about the upcoming Hill Country Film Festival marks the first time I have been called a “filmmaker” in print.

Films Go Better With Bluebonnets
The Hill Country Film Fest features cinema amid the wildflowers

A number of Austin filmmakers will be represented among the shorts, including Lauren Pruitt’s “Highsmith,” a drama set in the Fifties; Scott Cobb’s “The There,” in which a couple of former American expats reflect on the paths their lives have taken; and Lucas Martell’s animated “The Ocean­Maker,” which also screened at South by Southwest, and tells a story about a female pilot who fights pirates for control of the clouds after all the seas have disappeared.

“The There” Chosen as Official Selection to Hill Country Film Festival

The There“, starring Venus Monique and Teresa May Nichta, is an official selection to the Hill Country Film Festival. HCFF is a four-day independent film festival in the heart of the picturesque Hill Country — Fredericksburg, Texas, April 30 – May 3, 2015.

Read the schedule for the Hill Country Film Festival.

“The There” is in Block 3, which starts at 4:30 PM on Thursday, April 30, 2015. There are six films in our block and they all look very good, so it should be a great screening!


“The There” Update

We have completed production of the short film “The There”. We only have a little more post-production work remaining and then we plan to submit it to film festivals in the hopes that more people get to see it.  We screened it in class and received a perfect grade of 100 from the professor.

The There


Written and Directed by Scott Cobb

Produced by Daniel Andrade

Director of Photography Colemar Nichols

Edited by Ashley Dillard

Cabel Adkins: Sound Recordist

Kyle Graham: Sound Recordist

Re-recording Mixer: Rui Silva

Roman Coronado: Still Photographer


Teresa May Nichta as Erica

Venus Monique as Ilyana

Keavy Bradley as Pool Manager

Rebecca Karpovsky as Younger Erica in film “Ex Patria”

Shelby Graham as Younger Ilyana in film “Ex Patria”

Special Thank You:

Deep Eddy Pool and its lifeguards, managers, supervisors and patrons.

Aquatics Division of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Brass House Austin

Jason White

Evgueniy (Gene) Todorov

Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Andrew Shea

Annie Silverstein

Gloria Holder

Linda Cavage

Susanne Kraft

Jeremy Gruy

Lee Daniel

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Radio-Television-Film

Schneider Optics







Cameras and Lenses by Texas Media Systems






Thank you to the City of Austin for its generous support of this production.

Filmed on location in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

Produced under the Dogme 95 Vow of Cinematic Chastity


Photo from Day Two of Shooting “The There”

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