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Charcoal on Paper 18″x 24″

This charcoal drawing on paper by Scott Cobb depicts an empty box that once contained the ashes of a loved one returned from the funeral home in a temporary cardboard box to be scattered, along with a shadow of a rose and ashes falling down the left side after being tossed up to scatter them.

The original artwork is available for sale, as well as high quality printed copies. A high quality print is $500. The print will be made by Agave Print in Austin. A print does not include a frame.

Email for price of the original. Would be ideal as an artwork on a wall in your home to reflect on the passing of a loved one.




Click below to purchase a print for $500. 

Ex Patria is an Official Selection of Deep in the Heart Film Festival

Ex Patria, directed by Scott Cobb, starring Shelby Graham and Rebecca Karpovsky, with Cinematography by Colemar Nichols and edited by Stanley Thai has been accepted to screen at the 2021 Deep in the Heart Film Festival.

Logline: Ilyana offers a last souvenir to Erica on the final day of their year junior year abroad, sparking a discussion of values and identity with their futures on the line.

The Deep in the Heart Film Festival is an event with film screenings, panels, workshops, and after-parties for the Waco community to enjoy.

The event will be available in-person at the Waco Hippodrome from July 22-25, and also online July 25-31.

The Ilyanica Trilogy

The Ilyanica Trilogy tells the story of two friends, Ilyana and Erica, who met as college students studying in Berlin in 2005 when they are 20. Ilyana offers a last souvenir to Erica on the final day of their study abroad year, sparking a discussion of values and identity with their futures on the line. They meet up again ten years later in Austin, Texas in a drained out pool where Erica seeks to win Ilyana’s renewed companionship by showing her a film she made of an important incident in their lives. Finally, they meet in their 40s in an abandoned prison in Poland where Ilyana has become involved with a group of radicals occupying the site where the U.S. tortured people in the 2000s.

Written and Directed by Scott Cobb. All cinematography by Colemar Nichols.

“Ex Patria” stars Shelby Graham as Ilyana and Rebecca Karpovsky as Erica.

“The There” stars Venus Monique as Ilyana and Teresa May Nichta as Erica.

“Ilyanica” stars Circe Sturm as Ilyana and Cynthia Fray as Erica.

Drawing for My Untitled German Short Film

Nicola Pérez did this drawing for my German short film. In the story one of the characters made it at age 5 and her mother kept it for many years on the refrigerator and then later on the fireplace mantel amongst family photos for 20 years. The mother had immigrated to the U.S. after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now that child wants to emigrate in search of a better life outside the U.S.

Ex Patria Accepted to 2020 Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival

Ilyana offers a last souvenir to Erica on the final day of their year junior year abroad, sparking a discussion of values and identity with their futures on the line.

Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival is committed to presenting nationally and internationally acclaimed narrative fiction, documentary, animated and experimental films and filmmakers with truly original voices.

1/25/20 3:15pm at Cité des Arts on Lafayette, Louisiana.



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Cast Call for Untitled Short Film in German

This production has been suspended due to Covid-19 until it is safe to shoot again.
Production title: Untitled German Film
Union and Non-Union actors accepted.
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film
The story follows a mother and her three daughters. The mother immigrated from the former East Germany sometime in the 1990s after the Berlin wall was opened, seduced by the image of the U.S. The two oldest daughters, who came as young children with their mom, now want to immigrate back to Germany, drawn to a culture they never got to experience growing up, one that recently welcomed more than a million refugees. The daughters feel estranged from what they perceive of the current U.S. cultural and political environment. While the mother grew up in a country that built a wall to keep people in, the daughters see that they now live in a country where the phrase “build the wall” is chanted at presidential campaign rallies. There is also a third daughter, who was born in the U.S. and is torn between her mother and her two sisters.
CASTING CHARACTER (almost all dialog will be in German)
Hannah, female, age 20-35. Any ethnicity. Speaks German fluently as her first language. Born in Germany, but brought by her mother to the U.S. as a young child. Now, as an adult, she has become disenchanted with life in the U.S. and wants to go back to Germany, causing a schism in her family. Hannah’s mother grew up in the former East Germany, which built a wall to keep people in. Now, Hannah is angry that she lives in a country where “Build the Wall” is chanted at rallies by the president of the U.S. Most dialog is in German, but Hannah switches to English sometimes when talking to her younger U.S. born sister.
Production location: Austin, TX
Director’s website: scottcobb.com
Director: Scott Cobb
Audition Date and Times: accepting video auditions, see casting call on Backstage.
Email: brandonscottcobb@gmail.com
Compensation: $125, plus IMDb credit, digital copy of the film, and food.
Submission Instructions: Send email to brandonscottcobb@gmail.com. Describe your German language proficiency. Include “Hannah” in the subject line. Include a headshot and acting resume as attachments in the email, and a link to a reel if you have one.